Kyusho - Jitsu
(pressure point fighting)
Practising at Home
This section of the website contains the Kata you need for each grade.  These videos where originally
made to help our younger members, but many of our adult members said they found them very helpful
as well, so I made a few more.  You only gain access to them when you reach the appropriate grade.

Kata is only a part of a student's whole grading syllabus but it is a very important part as it is the
foundation of our art.  These videos will hopefully help you remember some of the finer details that you
already learned in class.  
10th Kyu:  Taikyoku Shodan
9th Kyu:   Heian Shodan
8th Kyu:   Heian Nidan
7th Kyu:   Heian Sandan
6th Kyu:   Heian Yondan
5th Kyu:   Heian Godan
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