I have been training with the UCAA under the guidance of Master Damian Kierans for over three and half years now
and have found the training second to none. I am one of Master Kierans' private students therefore most of my
training consists of one to one sessions. I remember when I first started training. I couldn’t even throw a punch never
mind defend myself if I was ever attacked. This spurred me on to train hard and it has been one of the best
decisions I’ve ever made. I now really feel confident that I can defend myself, friends or family should the need arise.
I continue to train though as I am always learning, keeping fit, and of course having good fun along the way. Master
Kierans' approach to teaching the martial arts is the reason I am still training today. He is very patient and has a
great sense of humour but also very serious when it comes to training and is incredibly skilled. Training with him is
not easy (which it shouldn’t be) and is not for someone who won’t put the effort in but if you are willing to push
yourself believe me you will benefit hugely from it.

Neal Gardner- 3rd kyu Brown Belt.
My name is Denis Hannan and I am a Black Belt in the Art of Ryukyu Kempo under Master Damian Kierans, Chief
Instructor and Founder of the Universal Combat Arts Academy. I have studied martial arts since 2003 starting with
Tukido, for 3 years but most of the focus in my learning and practice has been Seven years of Ryukyu Kempo

I first heard about Professor George Dillman in 2006 through Master Kierans who introduced me to this new Martial
Arts Program. I was a little apprehensive to say the least. As the saying goes “A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND
WORDS” experiencing the new Art, hands on, lay all my issues to rest.

It has also benefited me in a number of ways, the first and most apparent benefit is how I now view knowledge
through training. Tremendous cutting edge Martial Arts that; I find gives me confidence, mental and physical agility,
personal effectiveness and empowerment. Moreover, I have gained improved body conditioning and it motivates me
to deal with general stress and or conflict in everyday life and offers me a greater appreciation of consensus to
resolve problems as they arise.

I felt I could immediately connect with the core values of my instructor and the Academy such as the Tenets
Courtesy, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Self control, Respect, and Indomitable spirit to not only receive the best in
house training but also to maintain and monitor a high standard of relevant Martial Arts  training is important to my
own training ethic. “What one gets out of the Martial Arts has as much to do with one puts into the class”.

In conclusion the Universal Combat Arts Academy has been of great assistance to me in many varied and
sometimes unexpected ways.  I found the Academy to be of great use in looking not only at the organisation that I
am part of or  my own role within it, but also my life outside of the martial arts arena.

Developing the proper mindset that if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. Envisaging technical practical and
conceptual skills these are the elements of a good strategic Martial Artist and equally transferable into everyday life.
It was these new-found skills and constructive mind set in order to have the strength of character required to train
even on the darkest and coldest days of the year. It takes a lot of commitment but is well worth the forfeit of the few
evenings a week it takes to attend class.

A black belt is a white belt that remained inspired throughout the journey, as I prepare for my 3rd Dan. The rewards
will always reflect the investment made.

Denis Hannan
I have been training with the UCAA for over five and a half years now.  I find the training very enjoyable and
rewarding.  I feel it has helped me a great deal personally in both my physical and mental condition.  My fitness has
improved a great deal as well as my self-confidence.  It has changed the way I look at or handle situations in general
everyday life.  It has also given me the skills to try different job opportunities that I would not have been able to do
without martial arts training, namely door and crowd supervision.  

The chief instructor is very helpful and takes great time to explain and show you the proper techniques and how
they can be best employed in a real life situation.  All in all I am very happy with the UCAA.  I have tried other martial
arts clubs and find this one the most advanced in both training and knowledge covering a wide range of topics in the
martial arts field.  I hope to continue training with the club for a very long time to come.

Evan Kelly
I joined UCAA in September 2012 without any previous training in martial arts. I found UCAA from the onset as a
very welcoming environment with great empathy for beginners from both the Sensei, Damien Kierans, and the other
members. I quickly learned some invaluable techniques and the training in general have helped me physically,
mentally and spiritually in everyday life from raising self-esteem, self-discipline, self-belief and holistic health. The
training is extensive incorporating many of the Japanese Karate techniques and Kata, and also high intensity
workouts. I find Damien a very understanding and patient teacher who can effectively tailor train the individual in a
friendly collective environment.

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from some of the UCAA students
I have been studying Martial Arts at the Universal Combat Arts Academy in Monaghan under the expert tuition of
Master Damian Kierans since September 2013. Master Damian is the founder of the UCAA and is an excellent
teacher who combines both the serious and fun element to the training. Since starting I find my self defence and
fitness levels increasing all the time. It is a great way to get fit while learning a Martial Art at the same time.

Kyusho - Jitsu
(pressure point fighting)
Been training for five years and have had my ups and downs during that period but in the end when training at the
club your downs are swept away and you receive ups. Your thoughts of past and future stops at the door and you
end up having a life experience inside the dojo training, not only are you training your self defence but you're also
training self development of mindfulness and being a role model in your community. Definitely recommend this club
to anyone who is searching for another branch to add to their everyday life and are looking for self development of
their true self!!

Eligijus (Teens Class)
Very Professionally and fully equipped Gym. Damian Kierans is the best and most skillful instructor I ever come
across. , I really enjoying every training in Universal Combat Arts Academy. Highly recommend 10 out of 10.
Sir thank you so much for your hard work with me.

I joined the UCAA 18 months ago. Having never done martial arts before, I wasn't sure how I'd get on, but I haven't
looked back since. It's great for self-discipline, all-round fitness and self-defence. I really enjoy the goal of reaching
the next belt; it keeps me motivated and committed. The atmosphere in the class is very supportive and the
members are very welcoming. Grandmaster Kierans is a great motivator and coach. I would highly recommend the

I have been training here for over two years and it has been one of my best decisions ! I haven't just gained
knowledge on self defense but I have also gained confidence, integrity and an indomitable spirit. I greatly
encourage teenagers to try out a class here as you gain so much physically and mentally !

Sally  (Teens Class)
As a parent, UCAA has been a great extra curricular activity/sport for my son. It has done wonders for his physical
condition and his confidence. The boys I know in the teen group have a great respect for themselves, each other
and Master Kierans. Highly recommended.

Great place to train, I've learned a lot in my short time training here. There is always a positive atmosphere in the
dojo and Master Damian Kierans is an amazing coach with a wealth of knowledge on various styles of martial arts.
Highly recommend this for anyone looking to start martial arts or improve their fitness

Great class. Great teacher well worth the money. 10/10 best club I've ever joined.

Aidan (Teens class)
I have been training at UCAA for just over a year now and have found it an excellent class with expert tuition from
Damian. It's a very friendly atmosphere with everyone willing to help you out. There is a good mix of training, from
traditional kata and techniques to sparring, grappling and pressure points. It's a great all round self defence class
that will also improve your strength and fitness. Well worth a try.