Below are three different personal training options and their prices.

Option 1:  Private one to one training.

This is where you come and train in my private studio with me.  Each session is tailored to your needs.   
This option currently costs €50.00 per session!  You will also be given a programme to train at home.

Option 2:  Bring a partner or friend.

This option is the same as option one only your partner or friend will be training with you.  With this option
you are able to share the cost with your partner.   
This option is currently €70.00 per session!  So just €35.00 each..!!!

Option 3:  Private one to one training at a venue of your choice.

This option is similar to option 1 only, instead of you coming to my studio to train, I travel to your home,
office or any venue that is convenient for you.  I will bring whatever equipment is needed for the training
session, or if you have some home gym equipment I can incorporate that into the programme also.  This
option costs is currently €65.00 (price may vary depending on location).

If you have any questions regarding the above options or prices, or if you have any other questions,
please do not hesitate to contact me.  
Click here for contact details:  

You can also check out my blog with some great information on how to choose the best
possible personal trainer (not all personal trainers are the same), along with a lot of other
great training tips.
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