Denis Hannan was promoted to 2nd Dan
in the art of  Ryukyu Kempo by
Master Kierans on the 15th of December 2013
Grandmaster Paul Bowman's
First Irish Seminar
on Saturday 10th April 2010 in
Co. Monaghan
Damian with Grandmaster Dustin Seale 8th Dan. GM
Seale is a marine combat veteran of Desert Storm,
and currently serves as a Deputy Sheriff in one of
the largest and roughest counties in the United
Damian With Grandmaster Hock-Aun Teh
Damian demonstrating a Flying Sidekick
in the Lake Gardens, Taiping, Malaysia
Damian with Neil Adams 8th Dan, World Judo Champion
Damian and Larry Holmes
Heavyweight Champ 1978 - 1985
Muhammad Ali was promoted
to Black Belt in Karate by
Professor George Dillman
Professor Dillman teaching
Chuck Norris & Richard Norton
Pressure Points back in 1991
Damian with Grandmaster Matt Brown
9th Dan Ryukyu Kempo
Damian with Dr. Steve Stewart 8th Dan
American Kenpo & 9th Dan Kyusho-Jitsu
Geoff Thompson and Damian
Damian on the firing range on a ASAA firearms training course
in Switzerland on the 11th, 12th and 13th of January 2008
Damian and Peter Consterdine
Damian and Mo Teague
Damian and Mick Coup
Damian and Rick Young
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Damian with GM Will Higginbotham
9th Dan Ryukyu Kempo
Damian and Patrick McCarthy
Damian and Prof. Leon Jay
Pádraig Columb student of the year 2014
Grandmaster Paul Bowman's
Second Irish Seminar
on Saturday 9th March 2014 in
Co. Monaghan
Grandmaster Paul Bowman's third Irish Seminar
on Saturday 28th June 2015 in Co. Monaghan
Damian with Grandmaster Chris Thomas 9th Dan.
GM Thomas is the co-author of all Prof. Dillman's books
Professor George Dillman &
Bruce Lee
Professor George Dillman 10th Dan
Grandmaster Damian Kierans 7th Dan
Grandmaster Paul Bowman 9th Dan
Damian and Grandmaster Liming Yue