Grandmaster Dillman is the world's leading authority in pressure point combat (Kyusho-Jitsu).  For more
information on Grandmaster Dillman please visit his website  

I started to buy all Grandmaster Dillman's books and videos in order to learn as much about Kyusho-Jitsu as
possible.  I would then travel to the UK to attend Master Leon Jay's seminars, since Master Jay was teaching
Dillman's method of pressure point fighting along side his own Small Circle Jujitsu.   It was while attending one of
these seminars that I met my instructor and mentor Grandmaster Paul Bowman.

Grandmaster Bowman was teaching Kyusho-Jitsu, the Dillman method of pressure point fighting, at the seminar.  
The techniques he was teaching just left everyone at the seminar speechless.  The amount of pain Grandmaster
Bowman can inflict on someone with virtually no effort has to be felt to be believed and his pressure point
knockouts are just amazing. Grandmaster Bowman  is the official DKI (Dillman Karate International) representative
for the UK and is one of the world's highest ranking Kyusho-Jitsu instructors.  For more information on
Grandmaster Bowman and his Zendoryu Martial Arts Association please click

After that seminar I knew that Grandmaster Bowman had the martial arts knowledge that I had been searching
for.   From that moment on I started to travel over to London to train privately with Grandmaster Bowman every
monthand I have been training with him ever since.   Years later and I am one of Grandmaster Bowman's Senior
Instructors.  I have had the great honour to teach at his seminars in the UK, around Europe and at the DKI camps
in the USA.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Grandmaster Bowman for everything he has taught me
and that, if it were not for him, I would not be where I am today.  He is truly a great instructor mentor and friend.

I currently hold the following grades & qualifications:

7th Dan Ryukyu Kempo
7th Dan Kyusho Jitsu
(Dim Mak)
6th Dan Shotokan Karate
5th Duan Wei Chen Style Tai Chi
4th Dan Kickboxing
2nd Dan  Kiai Jitsu
1st Dan Iaido

> Self Defence Instructor
- certified by Geoff Thompson and the BCA.
> BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Self Defence Instruction - certified by NFPS
> BTEC Level 3 Advanced Restraint & Breakaway Instructor - certified by NFPS
> BTEC Level 3 Physical Intervention Trainer for the Security Industry - certified by NFPS
> BTEC Level 3 Conflict Management Trainer - certified by NFPS
> BTEC Level 3 Handcuff Trainer - certified by NFPS
> Senior KEWAP Instructor - certified by Steven Timperley
> Reality-Based Personal Protection Instructor - certified by Jim Wagner.  
> Certified in the use of firearms by the American Small Arms Academy (ASAA)
> MAIUK Course Trainer
- certified by the Cobra Martial Arts Association
> Chen Style Tai Chi & Qigong Level 5 Instructor - certified by Grandmaster Liming Yue

> MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach   -   certified by JC Santana's Institute of Human Performance
> Health and Fitness Instructor   -   certified by the NCEF, University of Limerick
> Personal Trainer   -   certified by the NCEF, University of Limerick
> Health Related Activity For Children Specialist   -  certified by the NCEF, University of Limerick
> UKSCA level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
> Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
- certified by International Sports Sciences Association
> CrossFit level 1 Trainer,  CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer,  CrossFit Football Trainer
> Fetac Level 6 Train the Trainer
> Occupational First Aid
- Irish Red Cross
> Child Protection in Sport Awareness - The Irish Sports Council

During my time in the martial arts I have been very lucky to have trained under some of the best martial
artists in the world.  In order for me to pass this knowledge on to others I formed the Universal Combat Arts
Academy - a place where you can learn real martial arts that will not only keep you fit and healthy but will
also give you the ability to defend yourself, family or friends, should the need ever arise.
Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace
and Damian
Damian and ASAA Europe
Director David James
Damian and Geoff Thompson
Damian with
Grandmaster George Dillman (left)
Grandmaster Paul Bowman
Jim Wagner and Damian
Damian and Dan Inosanto
Master Ken Smith
Grandmaster Damian Kierans 7th Dan
My name is Damian Kierans and I am the Chief Instructor and Founder of the Universal Combat Arts Academy.  
I have been training in the martial arts continuously for over twenty years.  I have trained in various styles of
Karate, Jujitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi and a number of different Self-Defence/Personal
Protection systems.  I enjoyed training in each one of them (and continue to train in some of them to this day),
but I always felt that there was something missing, that there was a deeper level to my training.  That's when I
came across a man called Grandmaster George Dillman and the real secrets of the martial arts started to
become clear to me.
Dave Turton and Damian
Mark Dawes and Damian